Smart meters

A smarter, greener energy system

The move to smart meters
Smart meters are a new generation of gas and electricity meters. They help you control energy consumption, contributing to a greener and smarter energy system.

What’s the difference between smart meters and Automated Meter Reader (AMR)?
Smart meters and AMR make sure bills are accurate and reduce estimates and manual meter readings. You can also view half hourly consumption data with both options. The main difference is that smart meters enable two-way communication with suppliers. For example, if your meter has a fault, an alert is sent to our team, so we can arrange repair. Here’s a handy summary of the technical differences between smart meters and AMR:

Smart (SMETS2)


Accurate invoices



Reduce estimates and manual meter reads



Frequency of consumption data collection

HH, daily, weekly consumption data collection

HH, daily, weekly consumption data collection

Frequency of meter read



Data access

Ørsted customer portal

Ørsted customer portal


2-way (fault detection possible)


 Data security


Established industry file flows


Bespoke Wireless System

SIM Card


All suppliers

All suppliers

 Read/Data Flow

To supplier through the DCC (Data Communications Company)

To supplier through the Data Collector

Who will be offered a smart meter?
If you’re a microbusiness customer and you don’t have an AMR device installed, we will contact you to offer you a smart meter. If you’ve transferred your supply to Ørsted and you already have a smart meter installed, this won’t need to be changed. Non-microbusiness customers can still choose between smart meters and AMR.

Customers with AMR meters installed
If you have an AMR device installed, you can change this to a smart meter. Please get in touch with us: or call 0800 056 8101.

In Home Display (IHD)
We are temporarily unable to provide a display screen when a smart meter is installed, due to the availability of these for the non-domestic market. Instead, you’ll be able to see consumption data on the Ørsted customer portal.

Can I opt out of data collection?

Yes, if you have a smart meter or AMR, and don’t want us to collect half hourly consumption data, please let us know by contacting us: or call 0800 056 8101. If you opt out, you can keep the same meter, but we’ll only take a monthly meter reading. You can see meter readings online at: 

Where can I find more information?
You can find more information about smart meters at   

A microbusiness is defined as a business which:
a. Consumes no more than 293,000kWh of gas or 100,000kWh of electricity each year; or
b. Has fewer than ten employees and an annual turnover not exceeding €2m.

We will never share the data with any third-party unless otherwise stated by yourself or required to by law. To qualify as a smart meter, the equipment must conform to the detailed requirements laid out in the Government-published Smart Metering Equipment Technical Specifications (SMETS). Ørsted only installs SMETs compliant smart meters.