Price Pilot

Increase export revenue and reduce import costs by taking advantage of spikes in the day-ahead electricity prices

With Price Pilot, you can adapt your forecasted volume and set your desired price per MWh. We’ll let you know when the market has reached the price, along with the difference it will make to your revenue or costs.

Earn revenue and save costs

Take advantage of the day-ahead spikes by exporting more, or importing less during N2EX price highs.

You're in control

You have complete control over when you re-forecast and the price you set. Benefit from short term market opportunities with this easy to use solution.

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Reduce resource costs

Receive instant reforecasts on your customer portal, removing the need to monitor day-ahead energy prices.

Online account - making life easier

Access you transaction history, analyse your consumption and manage queries with your online account

Power your business better

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