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A green Corporate Power Purchase Agreement is the easy way to achieve long-term price certainty while achieving your sustainability goals.

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Why a green offshore wind Corporate PPA?

Not all green CPPAs are equal. Our offshore wind CPPA is a unique opportunity to source 100% renewable electricity directly from one of our wind farms – not just a certificate. You’ll be making a positive step to show that you support the green transformation, while protecting your long-term energy costs.

Advancements in offshore wind mean it provides more consistent baseload power – making it more reliable than other renewable technologies. Our wind farms are situated far offshore where the wind blows strongly and reliably – delivering around 4,500 full-load hours per year.

Be more green

Reduce your carbon footprint in a true and meaningful way, playing an active role in transforming the energy sector. Sustainability is more important than ever to customers, supply chain and stakeholders – we can help you make a difference. As the world’s most sustainable energy company, we’d like to share our experiences and further your business’ contribution.

Below 1.5°C temperature increase

Work with experts

Opting for a green Corporate PPA is a long-term and strategic choice for your business. It brings enormous benefits in mitigating price exposure, but can feel like a big change in direction for your energy strategy. We’ve been in your shoes. We’ve successfully transformed our business, from black to green energy, and are uniquely positioned to support you on your journey.

Transformed from 16% to 75% wind power

Operate at scale

Thousands of megawatts of electricity are generated by our wind turbines – and we’re in the process of building more. This means that we’re ready to support companies of all sizes with a green Corporate PPA, even those with the biggest consumption peaks.

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Tailored solutions

Our large portfolio of current and new build wind farms means we can carefully tailor a CPPA that's perfect for your needs. Combined with our expert trading capabilities we can offer a range of structures to get you the renewable power you need.

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Reliable supply

We know that having a reliable energy supply is vital for your business. And offshore wind is a reliable source of renewable energy to source your green PPA from. Commerciality is also critical. So we’ll devise a tailored solution that eliminates market exposure, reduces risk and bolsters your reportable green credentials. Our full range of in-house experts will also be on-hand, helping you with everything from risk management to energy reduction.

How do green corporate PPA's work?

A green Corporate power purchase agreement (cPPA) is a long-term contract directly between your company and an offshore wind farm. You source all or part of your electricity directly from a specific renewable generation asset at a fixed price. PPAs help stabilise energy costs and enable businesses to send a signal to show that they contribute towards limiting climate change.

Ørsted offshore wind
Green certified energy at a stable price
Your business

Stable price, sustainable outlook

Protect your business from unpredictable future price risk by locking in a long-term fixed energy price.

Whatever your appetite for risk, level of flexibility or hedging strategy, a green Corporate PPA can be tailored to complement your energy management strategy, focusing on the areas that are most important for your business.

Green PPA price Non PPA price

Energy price


PPA's from the UK’s leading offshore wind provider

We’re proud of the positive contribution we make to the UK’s energy mix. Our wind farms generate enough electricity to provide power to over 3.2 million people each year(that’s enough to power Glasgow and Cardiff combined!). We’ve built more offshore wind farms than any other company worldwide and have installed over a quarter of the market’s current capacity. And we’re growing.

We now offer green Corporate PPA's throughout Europe; in the UK, the Netherlands, Germany, Sweden and Denmark.

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Green power, sourced the smart way

Renewable energy is what we do. As the world’s most sustainable energy company, we have the scale and experience to provide a green Corporate PPA your business can depend on. By 2025, we’ll expand our offshore wind capacity to 12.8GW and have committed to substantial investments in renewable generation worldwide. Talk to us about how our wind farms across Europe – and beyond – can help fulfil your global energy needs.

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