Generating energy

From the world's first to the world's biggest.

Since pioneering the world’s first offshore wind farm in 1991, we have established ourselves as the unrivalled leader within global offshore wind power production. We have built more offshore wind farms than any other company worldwide, and have installed over a quarter of the market’s current capacity. In 2017, we built the world's largest offshore wind turbines at Burbo Bank Extension and we continue to grow our offshore wind farm fleet in the UK.

Our offshore wind farm fleet in the UK is growing

Building a new industry for the UK

Expanding our offshore wind farm projects enable us to build a healthy and competitive supply chain. The potential for more jobs and a boost to local communities? What's not to love? 

REnescience: Innovation for a greener future

We are building a world first technology that produces energy from unsorted household waste

Where do we generate energy?

See the map below fo where our offshore wind farm, offices, and power stations are 

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