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In August 2015, DONG Energy acquired the Hornsea Round 3 Offshore Wind Zone from SMart Wind Ltd (including the Smart Wind Company itself) and Hornsea Project Two, which was in Examination with the Planning Inspectorate.

Hornsea Project Two was granted consent by the Secretary of State for Energy on the 16th August 2016. The project will consist of up to 300 turbines and is located approximately 89km off the Yorkshire coast. When complete, it will be able to meet the electricity needs of up to 1.6 million homes per year, and bring low carbon power to the UK and the opportunity for economic growth in the Humber region.

The project will make an important contribution towards the UK goal for renewable electricity generation and to achieve the UK's energy security and carbon reduction objectives. Hornsea Project Two is the continuation of DONG Energy’s strong commitment to the UK and further investment by DONG Energy in the UK offshore wind pipeline.

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A positive impact to local communities

Engaging with local communities is central to DONG Energy’s work and we will continue keep local people informed throughout the developments of Hornsea Project Two. We strive to be great neighbours in the areas in which we work.

Two of our windfarm projects which are currently under construction, Hornsea Project One and Race Bank, have committed to pay into an East Coast Community Benefit Fund for the next 20 years. The fund is administered by an independent charity called Grantscape.

 Visit the Grantscape website for more details

Latest News
16.08.2016 - DONG Energy welcomes consent decision for Hornsea Project Two offshore wind farm

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The size, scale and distance from shore of Hornsea Project Two presents many exciting challenges and opportunities which could be solved by the delivery of innovations in offshore wind. These cover a wide range of areas, from the development of new components to new installation techniques. Hornsea Project Two will allow us to build on what has been achieved from our other far from shore projects like Hornsea Project One.

Take a look at how we've been pushing innovation in offshore wind turbines models over the last 25 years.


Turbines bigger cheaper greener

We are working with North Lincolnshire and North East Lincolnshire Councils and local UTC's on skills and employment related activities to build local knowledge and awareness of the offshore wind sector and identify the challenges and opportunities associated with skills and employment in this sector.

DONG Energy understands the importance of building a skilled work force, and have engaged with the local UTC's to help develop a future workforce that is prepared for future industry positions in the exciting growth region of the energy estuary.

Working for DONG Energy

Our success happens when our 6,700 passionate and capable employees work together to make the energy of the future greener, independent and economically viable. At DONG, we think our employees are resources we borrow during the day. We want our employees to enjoy what they do, which is why we provide many opportunties for professional and personal development.

For more information on joining the team, visit our careers page.

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DONG Energy understands the importance of facilitating the growth of the UK supply chain in the offshore wind sector. Our projects are helping to provide opportunities for the UK industry, contributing to sustained skilled jobs in the manufacturing sector and bringing increased investment to coastal regions; Hornsea Project Two aims to continue this journey.

By holding "Meet the Buyer" events, we aim provide an opportunity to identify new suppliers who can help improve our systems and lower cost; it also provides an opportunity for our chosen contractors to meet with potential UK suppliers.

Find out how you can become a supplier (link supplier section)

Maximising our offshore wind exports

Increasing exports are a priority for the Government's new industrial strategy and will be key to ensuring the continued growth of UK companies.

Learn how we are maximising our offshore wind exports

Maximising offshore wind exports

Other Hornsea Projects

Hornsea Project One

Once completed, it will be the will be the world's first offshore wind farm to exceed 1 GW in capacity - enough to supply over 1 million UK homes with electricity.

Hornsea Project Three

The proposed wind farm will be capable of generating up to 2,400 MW of electricity, enough to meet the average daily needs of well over 2 million homes.

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