Benefits to the UK

We are pioneering innovative solutions to make renewable energy part of our everyday life. See some of the ways it has benefitted the UK.

Installed the world's largest offshore wind turbine on the Burbo Flats in Liverpool Bay 

Our wind turbines have more than doubled in power output. Just one rotation can power a typical UK home for up to 29 hours!

Bigger turbines + Cheaper offshore wind = more green energy, it's simple maths.  


Record low strike price for offshore wind in the UK

The cost of wind energy is getting cheaper. We've been awarded a contract to build Hornsea Project Two at 57.5 £/MWh, the lowest-ever price for offshore wind in the UK. This is a significant fall from the average price of 117.14 £/MWh from the last comparable subsidy round in 2015.

Thanks to the innovative and improved technology in offshore wind and the growth in the UK supply chain, the price of renewable energy has a competitive advantage in the renewable energy mix. 

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Increased reach for Community Benefit Fund

We strive to make a positive impact in the places where we develop and operate. With our growing portfolio of UK offshore wind farms, we are able to commit to local projects that support businesses and communities across the UK.

Made in the UK

For over ten years, we have been constructing and operating offshore wind projects in the UK. During this team we have built close relationships with suppliers across the UK which have resulted in delivering economic value through job creation and local investment.