Corporate responsibility 

Action today, impact tomorrow

two men running in forest between trees
Two children holding hands running across a field on the front cover of Ørsted's  sustainability report 2021.
Ørsted Sustainability Report 2021

Green energy for the planet and its people

Discover how Ørsted is making renewables a force for positive change
– far beyond delivering zero-emissions energy

We make a genuine contribution to our local communities in the UK through education, sponsorships and caring for the environment. Discover more about our approach and projects below.


We support the growth of local skills along the educational journey

Grants and Sponsorships

We strive to become integrated in our local communities and contribute to good causes  

Caring for the environment - what we do


Caring for the natural environment is a crucial part of the construction process for our projects.

Sustainability at our core

Our systematic and programmatic approach to sustainability helps us integrate the most important sustainability themes into our business