Renewable energy is powering green economic growth, creating energy security, and having a positive impact on communities and businesses across the UK. On the path to net zero, we’re just getting started.

The UK has established itself as a global leader in the transition to green energy. Ørsted is proud of the role we have played here. Our major offshore wind projects are powering millions of homes and delivering real economic benefits. Renewables hold the key to future energy security and will be the foundation for decarbonising industry – the next step on the journey to net zero. Explore more about how our renewable energy solutions are transforming the UK. 
FLoating wind offshore wind turbine

Let’s build green energy right, now

We want to help the UK reach its net zero goals – including unlocking the potential of floating offshore wind and its economic benefits in places like the Celtic Sea.

Inspiring the next generation of wind turbine technicians

Aspiring wind turbine technician Ethan loves the wind turbines that he sees from Grimsby’s seafront. He was curious to learn more, so he wrote us a letter.