Ørsted's impact in the Humber region

Offshore wind projects bring extensive economic, social, and environmental benefits wherever they are built. While investing hundreds of millions in the Humber region over the last decade, we’ve worked with the people, businesses and government agencies of the Humber to collectively revitalise the local economy. We've grown local businesses and trained skilled workers for the green economy.



Ørsted directly invested or enabled
investment off the coast of the Humber since 2012



Ørsted directly invested into the local
community, education, and skills development

28% UK


Will be powered by Ørsted’s offshore
wind turbines in the Humber region by 2030

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Independent economic impact study

Ørsted's offshore wind impact in the Humber region

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Case studies

Building the world’s largest offshore wind farm required the skills and ingenuity of of  the thousands of individuals and hundreds of companies who worked with Ørsted to deliver these projects; operating them for the next 25+ years will call on the talents of even more people and businesses.  Meet some of the innovators and experts who have been helping to build this global industry in the Humber region and abroad. 

Community Benefit

Stories from the front line of climate action

Our renewable energy projects help countries align with a 1.5°C pathway. Explore the stories of those living and working at the intersection of climate change and energy transition.