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Our onshore wind farms mark the next step in our green transformation journey and are a cost-effective clean energy solution that will help support UK net-zero targets and the green economic recovery, benefiting the communities in which we operate.

Explore our onshore wind farm projects that are in construction  below. Here, you will also discover their location, the number of wind turbines on each project, and how much green electricity they will generate for UK homes.
Onshore wind farms in operation
  • Kennoxhead Phase 1

    Kennoxhead Phase 1

    Located in South Lanarkshire, Scotland, Kennoxhead Phase 1 onshore wind farm comprises 13 turbines with a tip height of 180 metres. The onshore wind project became operational in 2022 and has an installed capacity of 62 MW.

    Kennoxhead Phase 1 forms part of the Kennoxhead Wind Farm Cluster which will have an anticipated installed capacity of 174 MW. This project also includes Kennoxhead Phase 2 which is currently in development.

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Onshore wind farms in development
  • Kennoxhead phase 2

    Kennoxhead phase 2

    In development

    Forming part of the Kennoxhead Wind Farm Cluster in South Lanarkshire, Scotland, Kennoxhead Phase 2 encompasses three developments constructed as a single project. Once complete in 2024, the onshore wind farm will have an installed capacity of 112 MW.

    As part of the Phase 2 project, the remaining 6 turbines from the consented Kennoxhead Phase 1 wind farm will be constructed reaching 180 metres in height.

    Phase 2 also comprises the consented Penbreck Wind Farm development of nine wind turbines with a tip height of 145 metres. However, a revised application was submitted to the Scottish Government’s Energy Consents unit in May 2021 proposing to reduce the number of wind turbines to seven with an increase in turbine tip-height to 220 metres with an eighth turbine of up to 200 metres.

    Kennoxhead Wind Farm Extension also forms part of the Phase 2 onshore wind project. Consent has been granted by Scottish Ministers to construct and operate an eight-turbine extension to the Kennoxhead Phase 1 wind farm. The turbines will have a maximum height of 180 metres.

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  • Larbrax

    Labrax Wind Farm

    In development

    Larbrax Wind Farm will be situated in Wigtownshire on the North Rhins Peninsula of Scotland’s west coast. The project was granted planning consent by the Scottish Government in October 2016.

    Once operation, the eight-turbine wind farm will be capable of generating around 20 MW of green electricity, enough to meet the average daily needs of 12,000 homes.

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Our UK offshore wind farms produce enough electricity to power over 4.4 million homes