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Are you ready to go green and secure a sustainable and safe supply chain, deliver cost-out agendas, and work with large scale procurement projects?

Ørsted's Procurement area is vital to our position as a global leader in green energy. Every day, our skilled Procurement employees create a competitive and safe supply chain and contribute to our activities within e.g., wind- and bioenergy and solar cells.

In Procurement, we work locally, regionally, and globally and our colleagues and partners are located around the world, making cultural understanding, good cooperation, and flexibility important aspects of the job. Good customer service and communication are essential to find the right products and services needed to develop, build, and operate our parks, plants, and the organisation.

Join us in Procurement and start your new journey along with a global group of committed colleagues. Read more about the exciting tasks and activities you get to do when working in Sourcing Management, Category Management, or Contract Management.
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Here you can see some example roles.

Sourcing managers

As a sourcing manager, you’ll be working in one of our many different areas, from substations, cables, and wind turbines to O&M services and Travel.

Our sourcing managers are responsible for the company's procurement. Sourcing managers play a significant role in ensuring that our tasks are solved on time and within budget by leading the sourcing and tendering process all the way from clarification of needs, market research, and negotiations with suppliers to legal considerations and to signing contracts worth millions of Euros.

Every day, our skilled sourcing managers find the right suppliers to deliver components, goods, and services for our projects and operations. In addition, they also advise and guide our internal stakeholders, creating good and trustworthy relationships. 

Once the contract has been signed, the process passes to the contract manager, who ensures that the execution of the work is aligned with the contract.

Contract managers

Our contract managers are responsible for the procurement process once a task moves to the operational stage. It is the contract manager's responsibility to ensure that the cooperation runs smoothly, that terms agreed in the contract are complied with, so the parties get the full benefit from the contract, and that delivery takes place at the right time and price. As the contract is executed in collaboration with the internal stakeholders, a good dialogue and relationship with the parties involved is important to ensure optimal operation.

With more than hundreds of contracts in a project, our contract managers use their relationship and negotiation skills to interact with a large and global group of suppliers, so everyone benefits the fullest of the contract. As it is an area of work constantly exposed to competition from an existing contract area, our sourcing and contract managers will collaborate and exchange task experience to optimise future contracts within the area.

Category managers

As a category manager, you take a strategic approach to procurement and are responsible for the strategic planning within your area of responsibility e.g., WTG foundations, hydrogen, or offshore substations. As a category manager, you’ll need to have an overview of the supplier market and create close relationships with the suppliers who are essential for Ørsted and help to secure and implement projects at the right time and price, both locally and globally.

By 2040, it's our ambition to achieve net-zero emissions across our entire value chain. As a category manager, you’re working closely with our strategic suppliers to find new solutions to decarbonize areas like steel and vessels and to drive the demand for net-zero carbon emission solutions.  

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