Green energy solutions

From offshore and onshore wind farms to renewable hydrogen, energy storage and bioenergy, we’re taking real action to create a world that runs entirely on green energy

Mit Ørsted
Offshore wind

Leading the world in offshore wind right here in the UK

Our UK offshore wind farms produce enough electricity to power over 7 million homes

Orsted onshore wind farm green energy solution
Onshore wind

Onshore wind is an unlimited and renewable source of clean energy

Discover how onshore wind power benefits the UK & the global shift to green energy

Renewable hydrogen

We believe renewable hydrogen, also known as green hydrogen, is a promising technology and with the right framework in place it could play a role in decarbonising industry.

Green Hydrogen
Energy Storage solutions
Battery storage

Energy Storage Solutions

We believe energy storage will play a pivotal role in a world that runs entirely on green energy.



We have built a world first bioenergy plant in Northwich, Cheshire, using enzymes to convert unsorted household waste into green energy.

Supply chain

UK offshore wind supply chain

Building offshore wind farm projects enables us to build a healthy and competitive supply chain

Energy generation location map

Where do we generate energy in the UK?

See the map below of where our offshore wind farm, offices, and power stations are