Specialist Marine Consultants: Maturing to market leaders

Specialist Marine Consultants started out with just two employees.  
Now SMC, as they are widely known, employs about 100 offshore and office workers, plus 150 contractors.  
The suppliers of specialised services to the marine and offshore energy sectors attribute as much as 50% of their growth and market maturity to their partnership with Ørsted.  
Offshore wind supply export case study
From vessel inspections on the small Gunfleet Sands Offshore Wind Farm with just 50 turbines to the huge Hornsea 2 project with 165 turbines, SMC and Ørsted have grown together.  
SMC has taken the experience it’s gained with Ørsted off the UK coast and taken it to other markets in Europe and Asia. Currently about 35% of all revenue for the North Yorkshire-based company comes from overseas.  
The offshore experts in inspection, service, maintenance, and construction support say Ørsted has been a catalyst for their massive growth over the last decade.  
Offshore wind turbine at Hornsea 2
Ørsted was always willing to listen and take on ideas, which  has led to a strong working relationship.  
Plus, being partnered with the global leader in renewable energy has helped the small company’s profile and reputation grow, allowing them to win work with other contractors.  
It’s an added benefit they hope will continue as they look to expand in America soon, too. 

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