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We are the global leader in offshore wind with 6.8 GW installed and 30 years of experience

Graham Stuart MP pledges support for major proposed offshore wind farm project Hornsea Four

Ørsted has three decades of experience in renewable energy production and is today among the world’s leading renewable energy companies with a broad range of green energy solutions to help decarbonise the world’s energy systems to limit global warming.

In Ørsted, we have a vision to create a world that runs entirely on green energy. The production and use of fossil fuels account for nearly 75% of global carbon emissions. To limit climate change and power the world sustainably, we must drastically accelerate the transformation of the world’s energy systems from fossil fuels to renewables.

We have transformed from a fossil-fuel based energy company to a green energy company in a little more than a decade by investing significantly in renewables. Since 2006, we have reduced our CO2 emissions by 86%. By 2025 we will be completely coal-free and will have reduced our CO2 emissions by at least 98% since 2006.  We have also been ranked the most sustainable energy company in the world three years running.

We develop, construct, own and operate offshore wind farms in Denmark, Germany, Netherlands, UK, USA and Taiwan with 6.8 GW of constructed capacity and a further 3.1 GW under construction.

Our green energy transformation

Could our green transformation inspire yours?

Ørsted was once one of the most coal-intensive energy companies in Europe. Today, we’re the world’s most sustainable energy company, and a global leader in the transition to green energy.

In the UK

Our renewable energy projects are helping to support UK net-zero targets and benefit the communities in which we operate

Vision and Values

Our vision is to create a world that runs entirely on green energy

Vision and Values