Caring for the natural environment is a crucial part of the development, construction and operation of our offshore wind projects. Here you will discover some of the work we are undertaking.

Fish in the ocean

We're partnering with WWF on ocean biodiversity

Together, we'll explore ways to support a rapid transition to renewable energy while addressing the global biodiversity crisis.
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Our partnership with the Natural History Museum

The Natural History Museum inspires millions of visitors each year to feel connected to our extraordinary planet and understand the desperate need to act now to protect it.

Humber restoration project

Restoring coastal ecosystems to mitigate climate change and support biodiversity

In the UK Humber Estuary, we’ve embarked on a seascape restoration project – Wilder Humber – to improve the health and resilience of the estuary’s ecosystem. 
Walney Extension Offshore Wind Farm

Ørsted and fishermen

Building a sustainable relationship with fishermen and other users of the sea is very important to us. Here you will discover how fisheries and wind farms can co-exist and help us make further improvements to the way we work.

Tracking Seal Activity

Where do seals swim? We commissioned the Sea Mammal Research Unit to better understand seal movement patterns and how they interact with our offshore wind farms.

Scientists from the Holderness Fishing Industry Group work on the MV Huntress in Westermost Rough Offshore Wind Farm

Caring for crustacean habitats

 Working with Holderness Fishing Industry Group, we have conducted studies to investigate the effects of fishing in a wind farm by examining the ecological effects on shellfish at Ørsted’s Westermost Rough Offshore Wind Farm.

Sustainability report 2022

Green energy to power lasting positive impact

Discover how our renewable energy solutions are contributing to a planet where nature and people thrive

We're working with others to ensure marine areas receive the right protection

“Tackling climate change is now more urgent than ever, and to reach net zero carbon emissions will require collaboration, coordination and strategic alignment between stakeholders, industry and Government".

Benj Sykes, Ørsted UK’s Head of Market Development, Consenting and External Affairs