We're working with others to ensure marine areas receive the right protection

With offshore wind on track to generate one third of the UK’s electricity from offshore wind by 2030, we are pleased that our UK Country Manager, Benj Sykes, has been appointed by Government to the newly formed Highly Protected Marine Areas (HPMAs) Review Panel. He’ll work alongside marine experts to strengthen processes to protect areas of the sea, representing this clean-tech industry that is already playing a significant role in decarbonising the UK’s electricity system.
Benj Sykes

“Tackling climate change is now more urgent than ever, and to reach net zero carbon emissions will require collaboration, coordination and strategic alignment between stakeholders, industry and Government.


“I’m delighted to be appointed to this panel alongside leading marine scientists and other experts, to ensure that we find the right way forward to protect our precious marine ecosystems as we take the urgent steps needed to decarbonise our energy system, so that we can minimise the negative impacts of climate change on the marine environment.”

Benj Sykes, Ørsted UK Country Manager