UK offshore wind supply chain

Building offshore wind farm projects enables us to build a healthy and competitive supply chain.

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In the past five years alone, we have directly placed major contracts with nearly 100 UK companies, with many hundreds more supported through our wider supply chain, to help build and maintain our offshore wind farms.

Ørsted is proud to have been constructing and operating offshore wind projects in the UK for over 15 years. During this time, we have built up close relationships with suppliers from across the UK who have helped us to deliver these significant infrastructure projects – whilst also delivering economic value to the UK, through technical innovation, job creation and local investment. 

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We look forward to continuing these collaborative partnerships with competitive UK suppliers as we deliver our future pipeline of UK projects, such as Hornsea Two and Hornsea Three, and our global portfolio.

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Supply chain case studies

Here are a few examples of UK suppliers that have supported us during the construction and operation of our wind farms.

Construction case studies

We are committed to putting the UK at the heart of a green transformation. Our pipeline of orders have enabled UK production capacity to be created in the UK for the first time, including major construction components such as turbine blades. Our investments are also supporting the development of local supply chains.

Our global portfolio is enabling UK suppliers to export and drive their global growth

By 2030, exports to the global offshore wind market are estimated to increase fivefold to £2.6bn per annum. We have worked with over 30-UK-based companies who have exported goods and services from the UK to support the development, construction and operations of our global portfolio of offshore wind farms. 


Maximising the opportunities for UK industry


Ørsted is playing a leading role in delivering the Offshore Wind Sector Deal, an ambitious partnership between the UK Government and the offshore wind industry that will see 40GW of offshore wind by 2030.

In addition to supporting the continued development of the UK’s offshore wind clusters, including the Humber, North Wales/North West and East Anglia, Ørsted is also involved in a number of collaborative business support programmes, which act as a catalyst for innovation and seek to leverage skills and capabilities from adjacent sectors. This includes the University of Hull’s Aura initiative, the Carbon Trust’s Offshore Wind Accelerator, Offshore Renewable Energy Catapult’s Fit For Offshore Renewables initiative and NOF Energy.


We’re looking for suppliers with innovative solutions


A recent example of this in offshore wind is the development of the PICT technology by the start-up company, Limpet. The company, which following development work with Ørsted has received support from Scottish Enterprise, developed a new technology for lifting technicians onto wind turbine platforms that is safer, simpler and more effective. There remains potential for further innovation in the equipment and methodologies used for construction and for operations and maintenance. This could include technological innovations that allows us to work more efficiently while improving levels of safety or innovations that reduce carbon dioxide emissions during construction and operation.

Watch the video below to explore the PICT technology.


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