UK offshore wind supply chain

Building offshore wind farm projects enable us to build a healthy and competitive supply chain.

Ørsted is proud to have been constructing and operating offshore wind projects in the UK since 2004. During this time we have built up close relationships with a variety of suppliers from across the UK who have helped us to deliver these significant infrastructure projects whilst also delivering economic value, through both job creation and local investment, to the UK.


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We look forward to continuing these collaborative partnerships as we deliver our future pipeline of UK projects, such as Hornsea Two, and we will continue to work closely with UK suppliers to make this happen successfully.


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Our offshore wind supply chain map

Supply Chain Highlights

Here are a few of our UK suppliers that have helped boost the supply chain both during the construction of our wind farms and after they have become operational.

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Construction case studies
During the construction phase of our wind farms, we keep UK businesses top of mind. Whether it's finding facilities that can accommodate large offshore wind components or finding UK based companies to manufacture subsea cables, we are committed to putting the UK at the heart of a green transformation.

Operations and Maintenance (O&M) Bases
Once a wind farm becomes operational, it needs to maintained to ensure everything runs smoothly. Find out where Operation and Maintenance (O&M) bases are and how it has benefitted local areas.

Supply chain overview

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