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Let’s build green energy right, now
– in the Isle of Man

Unlocking the potential of renewable energy

Green energy pioneers
The Isle of Man’s renewable energy transition shows the big part Island nations can play in tackling climate change, writes John Galloway, Ørsted Development Director for the Isle of Man Offshore Wind Farm.

Ørsted is a renewable energy company that takes tangible action to create a world that runs entirely on green energy.

We’re fighting climate change by transforming the global energy system – with offshore wind power, solar energy, and other innovative renewable energy solutions.

For over a decade we’ve worked together with our partners, our suppliers, our people, our communities, and governments to become a global leader in offshore wind.

We want to use our experience and expertise in offshore wind to help the Isle of Man truly realise its ambitions and the objectives established under the Climate Change Plan 2022-27: 100% renewable electricity by 2030 and net-zero emissions by 2050.

Since Ørsted and the Isle of Man Government signed an Agreement for Lease in 2015, Ørsted has conducted a number of environmental surveys and technical studies within the Island’s territorial seas off the east coast to determine the suitability for an offshore wind farm.

We look forward to building on our existing work with local stakeholders in the coming months and years to design a project that truly supports the Isle of Man Government’s net zero ambitions.

Together we can build more than the Isle of Man’s first offshore wind farm – we can lay the foundation for lasting economic investment, develop skills, create jobs, and protect and enhance the marine environment.

Let’s build green energy right, now – in the Isle of Man.

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Map showing the location of Ørsted's proposed Isle of Man offshore wind project

The area for lease awarded in 2015 that Ørsted has been surveying to determine suitability for the Isle of Man’s first offshore wind farm.


Delivering the green energy transition

 Ørsted offshore wind turbine technicians at work

Leading the world in offshore wind

Our 12 operational offshore wind farms in the UK produce enough electricity to power over 7 million UK homes a year.
Ørsted offshore wind turbine technician apprentice in Grimsby

Powering local economic growth

Our offshore wind projects are transforming coastal communities and regenerating local economies.
Tropical coral reefs are critical to protecting biodiversity

In balance with nature

At Ørsted, we are committed to building the green energy transition right – protecting and enhancing biodiversity as we go.