Ørsted – the new name for DONG Energy

Let’s create a world running entirely on green energy

Ørsted is a renewable energy company that takes tangible action to create a world that runs entirely on green energy. Ørsted will be at the heart of the energy transition in the UK, from generation and storage, through to providing smart energy solutions.

Climate change is real. It’s time to protect our common home.

Why Ørsted?

Hans Christian Ørsted was born in Rudkøbing in southern Denmark in 1777, becoming a professor in pharmacology in 1806. H.C. Ørsted’s tireless pursuit of answers led him to discover electromagnetism in 1820. His ground-breaking discovery helped pave the way for numerous technological advances, among them being electronic power production.

Throughout his life, H.C. Ørsted became an important figurehead within not only physics, but also within philosophy, poetry and aesthetics, establishing the Royal Danish Polytechnic Institute (today known as the Technical University of Denmark), becoming its first director in 1829. Ørsted helped establish the world we know today, and his curiosity, dedication and interest in nature is exactly what we all need to create a world that runs entirely on green energy.

Since 2006, we have cut our use of coal by 73% and more than halved our CO2 emissions. By 2023, we will be completely coal-free and will have reduced our CO2 emissions by 96% against a 2006 baseline. We have built enough offshore wind to power 9.5 million people and we plan to triple this number by 2025.

Our transformation and our recent divestment of the upstream oil and gas business means that we have become too green for our name. DONG, originally short for Danish Oil and Natural Gas, is no longer an accurate description of who we are, or who we want to be.

On the 31 October 2017 we changed our name to Ørsted after the Danish scientist Hans Christian Ørsted. In 1820, he discovered electromagnetism, which helped lay the foundation for the way we produce power today. His curiosity, dedication, and interest in nature are essentials as we continue the transformation to a green energy future.

With the change of company name, we introduced a new logo and brand identity. Reflecting our heritage, it is inspired by Danish design and embodies the values of simplicity, functionalism, humanism, and the sustainable way of life.

Going forward, we will be fully committed to renewable energy solutions and will no longer invest in fossil fuels. We will continue to build on our strongholds in offshore wind, bioenergy and innovative customer solutions, while also expanding into energy storage as an essential part of the energy transformation.

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