Stories from the frontlines of the green energy transition

Ørsted is helping speed up the global green energy transition, putting us at the forefront of the drive to deliver sustainable renewable energy solutions. Our projects across Europe, North America and Asia are helping countries and companies realise their ambitious renewable energy and net-zero emission targets. 

Our projects go further – from regenerating communities and promoting economic growth to supply chain development and creating local jobs. Our renewable energy solutions are helping to unlock opportunities that will benefit the communities in which we operate while supporting the UK’s 2050 net-zero ambitions.

See a selection of stories about the people and innovations on the front lines of the global green energy transition. 
Ørsted's artificial nesting structure for Kittiwake

Innovative artificial nesting structures support birds and green energy

We've constructed three nearshore artificial nesting structures specifically designed to house kittiwake, a vulnerable seabird, off the east Suffolk coastline. 
Drone in flight with offshore wind turbine in background

In industry first, giant drones deployed at offshore wind farms

We’re trialling the use of huge drones to transport cargo at our UK offshore wind farms.
To men standing in front of a turbine blade ready to be recycled

Meeting the global challenge of blade recycling with a scalable solution

We’ve found a cost-efficient way to ensure that 100% of our wind turbine blades can be sustainably recycled – and turned into new, useful resources. 
Image of the world's largest offshore wind farm

We're building Hornsea 3

We’ve committed to building the world’s single largest offshore wind farm, Hornsea 3, which will have a capacity of 2.9 GW, enough green energy to power more than 3.3. million UK homes.
Darren Ramshaw, Ørsted’s Head of Generation for UK East, and Morten Holm, Hornsea 2’s Head of Site, are given the official Guinness World Record certificate.

Hornsea 2: ‘Officially amazing’ 

It’s official! Hornsea 2 is the world’s largest offshore windfarm! Our feat of engineering 89 km off the coast of Yorkshire has been officially recognised as a world record breaker.
Helen Povey, Ørsted

Empowering women to create a greener world

How does gender equality benefit the renewable energy industry? How has Ørsted helped women excel in their career? And what can others can do to empower women in the industry?

Winds of Change

Explore how our offshore projects help to regenerate UK costal communities

Offshore wind projects are transforming coastal communities and regenerating local economies. Explore case studies, data, and research from an independent report to learn more about the real impact our projects are having.