Bridie Salmon: ‘Planet activist’ to Ørsted apprentice

Bridie Salmon grew up in Grimsby’s traditional fishing industry but found her passion as an apprentice offshore wind turbine technician at Ørsted.  

After leaving school at 18 and traveling in Australia, Bridie found herself back in her hometown working at a local brewery and a 100-year-old fish smokehouse owned by her father.  But she wanted more.  
Offshore wind apprentice case study
Credit: Steve Morgan
Meeting Ørsted employees through work and friends made the self-described “planet activist” rethink her career plans in the hospitality industry. She was fascinated by the wind turbine technicians she met and speaking with them inspired her to pursue her career ambitions with Ørsted in the offshore wind sector. 

Bridie started her apprenticeship with Ørsted at 22 years old.  As someone who “loves the planet,” she takes pride in the fact that she is one of many locals doing their part to develop the renewable energy sector, while also boosting the local economy. 

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