Ørsted at The Economist Sustainability Week

Join us at the 9th annual Sustainability Week and hear from our expert speakers.

This year’s Sustainability Week, incorporating the Energy Transition Summit, will provide insight into how organisations can implement a robust sustainability strategy and move faster to reduce emissions and improve environmental impact in 2024.

Our speakers will join a panel of experts who will discuss a just energy transition and share insights from Ørsted’s 30 years’ experience. Further details about our speakers and the panel topic discussions can be found below.

Ørsted panel speakers

Benj Sykes, Ørsted UK’s Head of Market Development, Consenting and External Affairs

Benj Sykes, Ørsted UK’s Head of Environment, Consents and External Affairs

A just energy transition seeks to balance the social and environmental dimensions of the shift to cleaner energy, ensuring that no one is left behind and that the benefits of sustainability are shared equitably.  Benj Sykes, Ørsted UK’s Head of Environment, Consents and External Affairs, will join a panel of experts as they discuss how best to establish safety nets for workers and communities facing job displacement due to the transition and how can energy poverty be avoided.

The discussion will take place at the Energy Transition Summit as part of the wider Sustainability Week event.

The session, Is the energy transition a zero-sum game? How to ensure a just transition?, will take place at 13.15 at the Energy Transition Summit on the 04 March 2024.

Orsted Head of Region UK

Duncan Clark, Ørsted’s Head of Region UK & Ireland

A just transition—one that is fair for society and environment—is integral to the pursuit of a low-carbon future. Yet what does this mean in practice for businesses? Ørsted’s head of region UK and Ireland, Duncan Clark, will join a panel of fellow industry leaders as they discuss how metrics quantify “just” and how businesses are placing the transition into their core culture. The panel will also explore how private capital can be mobilised to bridge the gap in funding to achieve related goals, such as energy transition and industry decarbonisation and how social factors can be included in investment strategies.

The session, Achieving a just energy transition, will take place at 09.30 on the 06 March 2024.
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