Onshore wind

Onshore wind is an unlimited and renewable source of clean energy and will play a vital role in meeting ambitious net-zero targets set out by the UK and Scottish governments while helping to realise the global shift to green energy.

As a global leader in offshore wind right here in the UK, we’re continuing our green transformation journey by expanding into onshore wind energy. Ørsted partners with industry leaders to deliver cost-effective and environmentally sound onshore solutions that meet the growing demand for clean, renewable power. We currently have 4 GW of onshore wind assets in operation and under construction in the U.S. and Europe, providing green energy to thousands of homes while boosting local economies.

Benefits of onshore wind

The communities in which we operate will play an important role in helping us realise our vision of a world that runs entirely on green energy and we want to have a positive impact on those local communities. Onshore wind power will be a driver in a green recovery helping to boost economies and develop competitive, export-orientated local supply chains. Onshore wind will also generate sustainable, highly-skilled green jobs while supporting a just transition that will help transform communities as seen in the construction and operation of our offshore wind farms.

Watch the video below to find out how the offshore wind industry is helping transform Grimsby through sustainable, green growth.

Our onshore wind farms

Ørsted entered the onshore wind industry in the UK and Ireland with the acquisition of Brookfield Renewable Ireland in 2021. We currently have a 378 MW portfolio of 21 operational onshore wind farms stretching across the Republic of Ireland and Northern Ireland. In Scotland we have one operational onshore wind farm and two in development.

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The future of onshore wind

The future looks bright for onshore wind. Thanks to new technologies and increasing demand, solar and wind power are cheaper than fossil-fuel power in two thirds of the world.

By 2030, we aim to have 11-13 GW of onshore wind, solar, and storage capacity across our markets.

Our onshore wind farms

Onshore wind farms

Ørsted is a leading global developer, owner and operator of wind farms. Discover our onshore wind farms in the UK, the number of turbines, and how much energy they produce.