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We are leading the world in offshore wind right here in the UK.

Formed as DONG Energy in 2006 following the merger of six Danish energy companies, Ørsted’s heritage lies deep within Danish energy production. Since our formation, we have divested our black energy operations and established our company as a global leader in offshore wind with a 25 per cent market share. 

Today, we develop, construct and operate multiple offshore wind farms across Europe, and are gradually expanding our global presence. In the UK alone, we have twelve operational offshore wind farms, established energy storage solutions and have partnered with ITM Power and Element Energy on the Gigastack feasibility study, a six-month project to investigate the delivery of bulk, low-cost, renewable hydrogen. Furthermore, we have built a world first bio plant called Renescience, a unique waste-to-energy solution that will provide energy for up to 9,500 UK homes. We also offer green electricity without the premium to UK businesses.

On a global scale, we have built enough offshore wind to power 9.5 million people, and by 2025, our ambition is to power 30 million people with offshore wind.

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Our UK offshore wind farms produce enough electricity to power over 3.2 million homes.

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Burbo Bank Extension Community Fund

Community benefit funds

Our UK community grants help support local groups and organisations in coastal regions where we construct and operate our offshore wind farms