Our partnership with the Natural History Museum


Orsted partnership with the Natural History Museum

The Natural History Museum inspires millions of visitors each year to feel connected to our extraordinary planet and understand the desperate need to protect it. We’re proud to support the Museum’s Wildlife Photographer of the Year exhibition, which brings visitors face to face with the incredible diversity and beauty of our shared home. We’re also supporting access to curated days of activities at the Museum for schools that might not otherwise have this opportunity, helping to encourage interest in Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths (STEM) subjects.



Here are a few of the activities we’re participating in through our partnership:

Generate: Scientists of the Future

Ørsted and the Natural History Museum are working with schools and students over a three-year period to help shape pupils’ attitudes to and aspirations in science. Inspired by the acclaimed ASPIRES research project run by King’s College London, this new initiative seeks to build ‘science capital’ amongst students – developing greater understanding, knowledge, interest and connections to science, scientists and scientific careers.

Working with four schools in the London boroughs of Westminster and Lambeth, the project aims to make science more accessible to a diverse range of students. The Natural History Museum hosts a day of science engagement activities for the schools every year, allowing students to explore the Museum’s 80 million specimen collection. The students are also given the opportunity to meet some of the world’s leading natural history and energy industry scientists.

The NHM conducts research into students’ attitudes and aspirations in science before, during and after the visits, which will show how the Museum’s interventions and the engagement with scientists is having an impact on the students taking part. 


The Year 7 pupils make their first visit to the Museum, discovering there’s more to science than they’d thought.


Now in Year 8, the pupils tackle a more sophisticated challenge, evaluating industry and research scientist pitches and deciding whose project to fund.

Wildlife Photographer of the Year

Ørsted employee competition

NHM Wildlife Photographer of the Year

Now in its 55th instalment, Wildlife Photographer of the Year is the longest running and most prestigious photographic event of its kind in the world - showcasing the beauty of the planet we call home and the wildlife that inhabits it, while raising awareness of the threats facing them. Each year, it attracts tens of thousands of entries from professionals and amateurs across 100 countries.

Each year, we host a photo competition where we encourage our employees to take some photographs of the natural world. View this year’s winning entrants, the stories behind the lens and a bit more about our budding

View the winners

Running for life on earth

Orsted London Marathon runners for the NHM

Our amazing Ørsted colleagues ran the 2019 London Marathon and raised over £3,300 for one amazing place. From life-saving research into tropical diseases to helping crop breeders secure our future food supply against climate change, Natural History Museum scientists are using its collections of over 80 million specimens to help safeguard life on earth. Something worth running for!