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Operating as a responsible business in the UK

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At Ørsted, our vision is to create a world that runs entirely on green energy. This vision reaches far beyond our own operations. It requires a shift in the way we all produce and consume energy. As a company, we have already halved our CO2 emissions between 2006 and 2017. We have charted the course for how we will make our contribution to this vision and our business model helps us make this contribution.

Ørsted is rising to the challenge we all face from the impacts of climate change in our day to day lives. By tackling this challenge head on, we are helping to create a worldthat runs entirely on green energy. Whether through the deployment of more offshore wind farms around the UK or the development of our pioneering Renescience energy from waste biotechnology, we are developing and delivering innovative and creative solutions to the environmental challenges that confront society.

Matthew Wright
What struck me about the company from the beginning was the passion for the green transformation from across the business. We’re here because there is a genuine desire to effect change, to make a real difference and because we really do ‘love our home’.
Matthew Wright

Managing Director, Ørsted UK

Energy doesn’t have to cost the earth

Reducing our carbon emissions is one of the most pressing challenges facing the world today. Ørsted truly believes that energy doesn’t have to cost the earth and this principle guides everything that we do, from a constant drive to find sustainable ways to reduce the costs of offshore wind to a commitment to making renewable energy affordable for UK businesses.

Offshore wind goes mainstream

Our long-term vision for offshore wind has helped it develop into a mainstream energy source. At Ørsted, we believe that the increasingly cost-competitive energy generated by offshore wind means it can become the backbone of the UK energy system and support the decarbonisation of other important energy intensive sectors in the UK. Ørsted was one of the pioneers and earliest advocates of offshore wind. Our long-term commitment to the technology has been founded in a belief that it is the most efficient form of renewable generation. This has led us to invest significantly in developing the industry and in overcoming the hurdles we have encountered along the way. Without this long-term vision, and that of the UK Government in supporting the development of the technology, offshore wind would not have been able to become a mainstream source of electricity. This a significant step in delivering our vision of creating a world that runs entirely on green energy.

As well as providing an overview of our global activities and business model, this report focuses on our UK priorities as a responsible business.

CSR Report

CSR Report 2017

Discover how we operate as a responsible business in the UK

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