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Gain long-term control over the energy market with a green Corporate Power Purchase Agreement from the world’s most sustainable energy company.

Our Corporate PPAs at a glance

The most important information on our corporate power purchase agreements: How can offshore wind power corporates? How can a green CPPA help your business reduce CO2 emissions?

Work with the world leader in offshore wind

We've transformed our business from a traditional energy supplier to the world's most sustainable energy company. See how partnering with us can benefit you.

PPA's from the UK’s leading offshore wind provider

We’re proud of the positive contribution we make to the UK’s energy mix. Our wind farms generate enough electricity to provide power to over 3.2 million people each year(that’s enough to power Glasgow and Cardiff combined!). We’ve built more offshore wind farms than any other company worldwide and have installed over a quarter of the market’s current capacity. And we’re growing.

We now offer green Corporate PPA's throughout Europe; in the UK, the Netherlands, Germany, Sweden and Denmark.

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