Community grants

Our community grants help support local groups and organisations in the coastal regions where we construct and operate our offshore wind farms.

We are committed to making a positive impact in the communities where we construct and operate our offshore wind farms and other projects. Our three Community Benefit Funds — Burbo Bank Extension Community Fund, East Coast Community Fund and Walney Extension Community Fund — have so far awarded over £9.5 million to more than 680 local social and environmental projects along the East and West coasts.

Our funds are administered by independent grant-making charity GrantScape, with decision-making supported by local Advisory Groups made up of community specialists who benefit from a strong and deep understanding of the local community and environment.

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Our Community Benefit Funds

Explore our Community Benefit Funds and learn how to apply for coastal community funding. 
What is the community grant application process?
  • Where do I submit an application to the Ørsted Community Benefit Funds?
    Applications are submitted to our fund administrator GrantScape via their application portal.
  • When can I apply?
    The Community Benefit Funds are available for applications all year round, there are two funding rounds per year and therefore grants are donated twice each year. Details of the next submission deadline can be found on GrantScape’s website.
  • Will my application be eligible?
    A full list of eligibility criteria can be found on GrantScape’s website, each application received by the funding round deadline is assessed by Grant Officers at GrantScape to ensure it meets the specific criteria
  • Who determines the applications?
    All eligible applications are then presented to the relevant Advisory Group (AG) that have been established to determine successful applications and how the grants from the relevant Fund will be allocated. Each Fund has its own Advisory Group, which is formed of Ørsted, GrantScape and community representatives.
  • What is the next step?
    Recommendations from the AG are then presented to GrantScape’s Board of Trustees to make final decisions on which applications will receive grants.
  • When will I know whether I have been successful?
    GrantScape will confirm the final decision to applicants following the Fund decision date published on GrantScape’s website.
Images showing the process of how to apply for an Ørsted Community Benefit Fund
Community Benefits of Offshore Wind

Transforming coastal communities

Offshore wind is helping to transform UK coastal communities through investment in local facilities, the creation of high-skilled jobs and the development of competitive, export-orientated local supply chains.