Orsted partnership with the Natural History Museum

The Natural History Museum inspires millions of visitors each year to feel connected to our extraordinary planet and understand the desperate need to act now to protect it. Ørsted shares with the Natural History Museum a vision of a world where people and planet thrive. We believe that climate change is the most significant barrier to that future and are taking real action to help create a world that runs entirely on green energy.

As a corporate member, we are helping to support the Natural History Museum in its vital scientific research into the greatest threats facing our planet whilst continuing to educate and inspire visitors on the fragility of the natural world and what we must do to protect it.

Duncan Clark, Head of Region UK, Ørsted

“We believe climate change is the single greatest threat to our planet’s extraordinary wildlife. This makes Ørsted’s vision of creating a world that runs entirely on green energy all the more urgent.”

Duncan Clark, Head of UK and Ireland at Ørsted

For nine years (2014 – 2023) we sponsored the prestigious Natural History Museum’s Wildlife Photographer of the Year. The exhibition showcases the beauty of the planet we call home and the wildlife that inhabits it. With climate change and biodiversity loss being some of the biggest challenges facing our planet today, the exhibition aims connect people with wildlife and their surroundings while helping to generate awareness and tackle the threats facing them.

Inspired by the exhibition, we hosted several employee photographic competitions. Our employees captured images of wildlife and habitats that, for them, encapsulated ‘Love your home’. The winning entrants were whittled down by an expert team at the Natural History Museum.

NHM livestream event

Ørsted industry expert joins a Natural History Museum discussion panel on the just energy revolution

Katinka Palbo, Head of P2X Europe at Ørsted, joined a panel of climate scientists and fellow industry experts as they explored how to realise a world in which global communities have access to clean and sustainable energy for generations. The discussion charted humanity's complex relationship with energy, and what is needed to drive the transition to sustainable energy across the planet.

Watch a recording of the livestreamed event below.
Clean and green: is a just energy revolution around the corner? Livestreamed event with Ørsted's Katinka Palbo, Head of P2X Europe at Ørsted

Generate: Scientists of the Future

In collaboration with the Natural History Museum, we worked with schools and students over a three-year period to help shape pupils’ attitudes to and aspirations in science. Inspired by the acclaimed ASPIRES research project run by King’s College London, the initiative was designed to build ‘science capital’ amongst students – developing greater understanding, knowledge, interest and connections to science, scientists, and scientific careers.

Working with four schools in the London boroughs of Westminster and Lambeth, the project aimed to make science more accessible to a diverse range of students. The Natural History Museum hosted a day of science engagement activities for the schools every year for three years, allowing students to explore the Museum’s 80 million specimen collection. The students were also given the opportunity to meet some of the world’s leading natural history and energy industry scientists.

The NHM conducted research into students’ attitudes and aspirations in science before, during and after the visits. This demonstrated how the Museum’s interventions and engagement with scientists had an impact on the students.


Follow the students’ progress through the programme in the videos below.

The Year 7 pupils make their first visit to the Museum, discovering there’s more to science than they’d thought.

Now in Year 8, the pupils tackle a more sophisticated challenge, evaluating industry and research scientist pitches and deciding whose project to fund.

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