What will it take to move from words to action on tackling biodiversity loss?

Climate change and biodiversity loss are two interconnected crises that need to be addressed together.

At the UN Biodiversity Conference COP15, Ørsted, The Nature Conservancy, and Carbon Brief discussed how the green energy transition can be a force for good for both climate and biodiversity.

Companies, NGOs, and governments must work together to decarbonise our energy system in time to mitigate the worst impacts of climate change on global biodiversity while deploying renewable energy sustainably today, for a net-positive outcome tomorrow.

Watch the conversation between Benj Sykes, Head of Environment, Consents, and External Affairs at Ørsted UK, and Nathan Cummins, Director of Renewable Energy Programs at The Nature Conservancy, moderated Daisy Dunne, Special Correspondent at Carbon Brief. 

They discuss how the green energy transition can not only tackle climate change – in turn helping halt biodiversity loss – but also deliver direct benefits to nature and people.