First full-scale REnescience plant in the UK is getting closer

DONG Energy is opening consultation on a project proposal for the first full-scale plant using its REnescience technology to be located in the UK.
This is an important step towards commercialisation of the technology which uses enzymes to convert household waste into biogas and electricity before recycling the residual waste. The proposed REnescience plant, earmarked for a site near Northwich in Cheshire, would be able to handle 15 tonnes of waste per hour.

Flemming Kanstrup, Senior Manager in DONG Energy and responsible for developing the project, said: "We are beginning consultation by holding a workshop in which a large number of political and industrial stakeholders will participate. We'll then hold public exhibitions during the subsequent consultation process and ensure that everybody is given the opportunity to learn about the project and be heard."

Kanstrup continued: "We've come a long way in the planning process, but we're still faced with a number of tasks before the plant becomes a reality."

Design, build, finance and operate

Subject to necessary approvals being granted, and DONG Energy making a final investment decision, the plant will be the first full-scale production plant using the REnescience technology. It is anticipated that DONG Energy will design, build, finance and operate the plant which could commissioned during the first quarter of 2017.

Facts about REnescience

By processing household waste with enzymes, the REnescience technology can convert the organic waste to a biofluid which can be transformed into biogas and electricity. Other parts of the waste, such as plastics and metal, are cleaned and sorted for recycling.

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