New greener gas options from leading renewable supplier Ørsted

Ørsted has launched two new greener gas products designed for businesses looking to take an extra step towards decarbonising their energy.

Since 2017, Ørsted has been supplying its customers with 100% renewable electricity and the supplier is now expanding its offering with the addition of biogas and carbon neutral gas options - designed to suit the differing requirements and budgets of UK businesses of all sizes.

Ørsted’s biogas product comes with guaranteed certificates of origin, so businesses can report near-zero emissions from their gas consumption in greenhouse gas (GHG) reporting, making a significant contribution to carbon reduction.

For those businesses seeking a lower budget option, Ørsted can also provide a carbon neutral gas product. The carbon from a customers’ gas consumption is offset through investment in sustainable development projects, such as clean energy, water treatment and forest management projects. This helps to counteract any carbon emissions, provide social benefits to the surrounding communities and aid progress towards the Sustainable Development Goals. All projects are certified via The Gold Standard or the Verified Carbon Standard, which is important for auditing.

UK businesses can now make energy choices which have a positive environmental and societal impact, at a cost that is affordable.

Energy is often one of the most significant contributors to a business’ carbon footprint and with UK businesses consuming around 240TWh of gas annually, Ørsted is keen to help organisations to be more ambitious in their sustainability objectives.

Ashley Phillips, Managing Director at Ørsted Sales UK, said:
“Choosing to move to a biogas or carbon neutral gas supply will not only boost CSR credentials, but also open up opportunities to become an approved supply chain partner for sustainable businesses.

“Consumer demand is at an all-time high, with 73% of UK consumers stating a preference for products and retailers that use renewable energy – as such, it can help to provide competitive advantage when it comes to sustainability credentials.

“At Ørsted, our mission is to create a world that runs entirely on green energy. We’ve made enormous strides already, generating 3,721MW of offshore wind power each year and providing businesses with practical solutions that boost sustainability credentials. Now we can help them make greener gas choices too.”