Duncan Clark, Head of UK Region for Ørsted, reacts to the UK Government Energy Security Strategy announcement.

Today, the UK Government has announced the broad outline of its Energy Security Strategy, which includes a substantial increase in the ambition for offshore wind - with a target for 95% of UK electricity to be generated from low-carbon sources by 2030.

Duncan Clark, Head of UK Region for Ørsted, said:

”This is a truly momentous day for the offshore wind industry and for every consumer in the UK. Twenty years ago there were only two wind turbines in UK waters, and now, as a nation, we are leading the world in offshore wind and making the radical changes we need to rapidly make offshore wind the backbone of the UK’s electricity system.

“There is no doubt that the technology works, there is no doubt that it is low-cost, and now with the Government and industry committing to make the changes needed to accelerate deployment, UK consumers need have no doubt that we can deliver the secure, low-cost electricity that the country needs, creating jobs and regenerating coastal regions.

“We are pleased to see the commitment on creating a more effective planning system and understand that further action will be taken to ensure that the electricity grid will be developed to support the transformation of our electricity system.”


On Hydrogen:

“It is fantastic to see increased ambition on green hydrogen. It’s vital that the UK now takes the opportunity now to support the development of clean, green hydrogen. The expansion of offshore wind opens up the opportunity for us to use renewable electricity to create renewable fuels such as green hydrogen for industry and transport. There is a real economic opportunity for the UK to establish itself at the forefront of green hydrogen if it gets the appropriate support from the Government.”