Renewable Parts strikes a parts remanufacturing agreement with Orsted

Renewable Parts, a UK-based specialist in circular economy, has announced a collaborative agreement with offshore wind global leader Ørsted to provide parts refurbishment services for its offshore wind turbine operations.

Initially focussed on Ørsted’s UK operations, Renewable Parts will work with Ørsted to increase the volume of parts reused within offshore operations, developing technology that increases sustainability and reduces carbon footprint of the supply chain.

This agreement further strengthens Renewable Parts’ on-going investment in circular economy technology for the wind industry, bringing new jobs and skills to its remanufacturing base in Lochgilphead on the west coast of Scotland.   

With 13 operational offshore wind farms in UK waters, Ørsted’s current installed capacity in the UK is 6.2GW – including the current world’s largest Hornsea 2, which is capable of powering more than 1.4 million homes.

James Barry, Chief Executive of Renewable Parts, commented: “Ørsted is respected as one of the world’s most sustainable companies, and we are delighted they have selected Renewable Parts as a partner to increase parts reuse within their supply chain. The scale of Ørsted’s operation will allow greater investment in the development of remanufacture solutions that reduce waste and carbon footprint. Achieving Net-Zero is a commitment for all organisations and wind power is one of the greenest energy sources to achieving that goal.  However, it’s vital we ensure our supply chain is as green as the energy it supports.”

Marc Adams, Senior Supply Chain Development Manager at Ørsted, said: “This collaborative agreement with Renewable Parts further strengthens our relationship with the UK supply chain and highlights the wider value the offshore wind sector brings to the economy. As we transition to a cleaner energy system, we must ensure that projects are delivered as sustainably as possible – including across our supply chain. There is no better place to utilise parts refurbishment services than the market where we have our most operational assets."