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Take a look at our new interactive innovation report showcasing some of the core innovation initiatives we’re pursuing at Ørsted.

Who are we?

We are a renewable energy company with a vision to create a world that runs entirely on
green energy

Offshore Wind Turbines
What we do

Green energy solutions

From offshore wind farms and onshore wind farms to renewable hydrogen, we're working on UK projects that will make our future green.

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Our green energy transformation

Could our transformation inspire yours? Read our story of technological innovation, learning, and hard strategic choices.

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Join a global green energy leader

Imagine a future where you build your career while building a world that runs entirely on green energy.



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On the path to net zero, we’re just getting started

Renewable energy is powering green economic growth, creating energy security, and having a positive impact on UK communities.

The expert take

Read the expert take on the latest debates, topics and issues in sustainability, renewable energy, and the green transition.

Stories from the frontlines of the green energy transition

Explore a selection of stories about the people and innovations on the front lines of the global green energy transition.