Offshore wind

Wind power - adjusting our sails

The UK is the world leader in offshore wind, with more capacity installed than any other country. It is of the country’s biggest growth industries, already employing thousands of people in highly-skilled jobs and attracting billions in investment.


The industry is building a strong supply chain throughout the UK, with companies providing goods and services to UK projects and exporting to over 20 countries. 


Our 11 offshore wind farms produce enough electricity to power over 3.2 million UK homes a year. Once our two construction projects (Hornsea One and Hornsea Two) are built, we will produce enough green energy to power over 5.5 million households. 


Learn more about our offshore wind farms and where they are in the UK:

Our UK wind farms

From the world's first to the world's biggest, discover our offshore wind farms in the UK

UK Supply Chain

Building offshore wind farm projects enable us to build a healthy and competitive supply chain.

Here are the places we generate energy