How it works

Generating value from waste

Renescience is a ground-breaking biotechnology that converts household waste into energy. This technology will lessen the amount of waste we take to landfills, and turn your garbage into green energy.

Here's how your household waste travels through our Renescience plant to generate green energy.


How does the technology work
Treats up to 120000 tons of waste per year from 110000 UK homes

What are the benefits to Renescience?

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Benefits of Renescience
  • Makes life easier
  • Saves money
  • Creates jobs
  • Creates valuable resources
  • Reduces air pollution
  • Recycles more

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Recycles more

Using Renescience technology, there is no requirement for shredding, compared to source separation or incineration. This allows for a high capture rate of the biomass and recycling of materials. Furthermore, it complements dry source separation by households to push up recycling rates further.

Makes life easier

Renescience is a simpler and more efficient process than traditional waste management options. It makes our lives easier. It extracts as much of the useful waste as possible and deals with it in the most appropriate manner.

Saves money

The collection system for Renescience is simpler than those for organic source separation systems so cost savings can be achieved. Additionally, Biogas is often incentivised by government schemes enabling even higher margins or reductions of gate-fees when competing in waste tenders.

Creates jobs

Renescience Northwich, a world first full-scale bio plant, has employed up to 150 local people in its construction and will create approx. 25 full-time jobs once it's operational.

Creates valuable resources

Bioliquid used in the Renescience process is highly suitable for biogas production and a host of other chemical products. Metals and other high-grade plastics are also recycled

Reduces air pollution

Renescience reduces the need for incineration and therefore helps cut air pollution significantly. Under EU regulation, biomass is considered CO2-neutral.

Meet the Williams Family

Instead of household waste going to the landfill, rubbish from UK homes (like the Williams family) will be transformed into green energy. Learn how the technology works and how more than 90% of the organic materials can be recovered through the technology of Renescience.