Caring for the natural environment is a crucial part of the construction process for our projects. See some of the work we are doing.

< class='h3 teaser-headline-accent theme-color-accent'>Caring for the Crustacean Habitat < class='h3 teaser-headline'>

We are supporting a long-term study that examines ecological effects and the construction and operation of our wind farms.

< class='h3 teaser-headline-accent theme-color-accent'>Migration patterns of Pink-footed Geese < class='h4 teaser-headline'>

Our research will help us find out their patterns of travel and how they interact with our offshore wind farms.

“Tackling climate change is now more urgent than ever, and to reach net zero carbon emissions will require collaboration, coordination and strategic alignment between stakeholders, industry and Government".

Benj Sykes, Ørsted UK Country Manager

Ørsted and fishermen

Building a sustainable relationship with fishermen and other users of the sea is very important to us

< class='h3 teaser-headline-accent theme-color-accent'>Tracking Seal Activity < class='h3 teaser-headline'>

Where do seals swim? Their movement patterns will help us understand how they interact with our offshore wind farms.